About Us

About Us

OVATION Science Inc.

OVATION Science Inc. (“OVATION”) is pleased to provide DermSafe® hand sanitizer lotion. The Company has developed this product for which there is a worldwide need.
OVATION is capitalizing on its patented skin delivery technology Invisicare® which is disrupting the topical market with its advanced science. This pharmaceutical-grade technology delivers high-quality, efficacious topical products for consumers.

For more information about OVATION, please visit our corporate site ovationscience.com.

Investor Info

OVATION SCIENCE trades on the CSE under the stock symbol OVAT.
For investor information go to ovationscience.com/investors

Approved Claims


has received the Dermatology Review Panel™ “Seal of Approval”. DRP is an independent panel of dermatologists that reviews scientific data to authenticate a non-prescription product’s claims.

With a worldwide pandemic due the coronavirus COVID-19, Ovation is focused on providing DermSafe® hand sanitizer globally. The public needs to take a PREVENTATIVE approach to their health and safety and DermSafe does exactly that.

Please contact info@ovationscience.com if you are interested in bulk orders