Ovation Science’s DermSafe Hand Sanitizer Recommended by the Dermatology Review Panel

by in News July 23, 2020

Pharmaceutical- Grade Hand Sanitizer Receives Dermatologists’ Seal of Approval

Vancouver, BC – July 23, 2020 (CSE: OVAT) – Ovation Science Inc. (“Ovation” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that its DermSafe® Hand Sanitizing Lotion has received the “Seal of Approval” from the Dermatology Review PanelTM (“DRP”). DRP is a panel of Canadian dermatologists that provide an independent review of scientific data for non-prescription products in order to authenticate a product’s claims. Notable national brands including shampoo, laundry soap, diapers, skin care and other products have received this distinction.

Consumers can be confused by the difference in hand sanitizers; especially one like DermSafe that is made without alcohol. The DRP program was formed to provide an arms-length review of a product’s scientific data in support of its claims. The DRP Seal of Approval helps consumers and medical professionals easily identify products that meet the panel’s approval standards. The Dermatology Review Panel is comprised of key dermatologists from across Canada. These physicians were selected based on their expertise in skin care, geographical diversity and dedication to the mission of this program. See sanitizer/ 

DermSafe is made without alcohol. The main benefit of a hand sanitizer without alcohol includes1

▪ Alcohol hand sanitizers offer no long term protection – once the scent dissipates so does alcohol’s effectiveness; 

▪ Continual use of alcohol will dry-out skin and can cause skin dermatitis; 

▪ Alcohol-based hand sanitizers cannot be used in some environments (i.e. schools, prisons, where flammable products are not allowed). There are also religious reasons not to use alcohol; 

▪ Ideally, a hand sanitizer should kill germs instantly, have a persistent kill over time and be alcohol free; like DermSafe hand sanitizer lotion. 

“Having DermSafe Hand Sanitizer recommended by the Dermatology Review Panel not only increases consumers’ confidence in our product, it provides a third-party review of our data and a recommendation,” said Mr. Terry Howlett, President of Ovation. “There has been substantial research and studies undertaken on DermSafe to ensure that we have compelling scientific data to support DermSafe’s claims, including our recently announced study that proves DermSafe kills a human coronavirus (Beta Coronavirus strain OC43), a surrogate for SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19). The results of the controlled laboratory testing showed that DermSafe demonstrated a 99.97% reduction in active viral loads at two time points.” 

DermSafe is a pharmaceutical-grade hand sanitizer lotion made without alcohol. It is non-drying and offers the persistent protection of chlorhexidine gluconate; an ingredient used worldwide as a pre-surgical soap due to its proven abilities to kill germs. DermSafe is powered by Invisicare®, a proprietary polymer delivery system that enhances how products stay on the skin and how it delivers drugs to the skin. DermSafe has been approved to be listed by Health Canada under “Disinfectants and hand sanitizers accepted under COVID-19 interim measure” and has two Drug Identification Numbers (DIN) for personal use and personal commercial use. 

DRP’s customary review fee was paid for by the licensor that Ovation acquired the exclusive rights to DermSafe from. In addition, Ovation wishes to disclose that a principal of DRP is also a Director of Ovation. 

1 References: May 2017 Hand Hygiene sanitizers-you-didnt-know-about-694202/

Statements have not been evaluated by Health Canada. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Ovation Science Inc. is a research and development company that develops topical and transdermal consumer products including DermSafe, all made with patented Invisicare® skin delivery technology. The technology enhances the delivery of ingredients to and through the skin and is protected by patents in eleven countries. With over twenty years of topical and transdermal drug delivery experience in the pharmaceutical market, Ovation’s management and science team have created a unique pipeline of over twenty-five patent-protected medical / wellness topical and transdermal products along with a line of anti-aging / beauty formulas. Ovation earns revenues from licensing and development fees, royalties, the sale of Invisicare to its licensees and now revenue from its own product sales. Ovation has offices in Vancouver, BC Canada and Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Ovation trades on the CSE under the symbol OVAT. Visit our website

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